Creativity and energy is what it’s all about for charismatic DJ Yves Eaux from Amsterdam. (Pronounce as ‘Eve-Ow’).

Jetting as a DJ globally from New York to New Delhi. From Moscow to Miami. From exclusive film premieres to massive sport arena’s. Hammering house, techhouse and funky techno. A carefully selected mix of today’s electronic music which can be only found left from the centre and straight from under the radar.

Sharing the bill with artists like Sasha, Joris Voorn, Kevin Saunderson, Laidback Luke, Pleasurekraft, Sander Kleinenberg, Marco V and even Infected Mushroom.

He releases tracks for the global DJ scene on a monthly basis which storm the charts on Beatport, I-Tunes and many other stores. Represented by labels such as Vamos Music, Patent Skillz, WTF, Kling Klong, Noir, Wazzup!, Shibiza, Phunk Traxx, Sabotage and Natura Viva.

His signature production style is supported by deejays from every corner of the electronic music spectrum; from Richie Hawtin to Roger Sanchez and from Armin van Buuren to Dubfire.

His remix of the double grammy award winning song ‘Sweet Lullaby’ originally by Deep Forest was a worldwide success and hit the number one spot from Japan to Canada in many charts.

His music, using various monikers, reaches out to a huge crowd. It can be found on over 85 million vinyl’s, CD’s and DVD’s and is aired in many international advertising campaigns.

Every month he records his popular radio show ‘EVOLUTION by Yves Eaux’ which is broadcasted by more than 40 outlets globally. India, USA, Russia, Sri Lanka, Honduras, Moldavia, France, Albania and many more. With new countries added regularly.

Next to all this, Yves Eaux is also an internationally acknowledged director of TV commercials and works with people like Robbie Williams, Phil Collins, Michael Buble, James Blunt, Ronan Keating and James Morrison.

  • Masquerade House Club Vol. 16
    Federico Scavo, My Digital Enemy, Antoine Clamaran, DJ Dan, Reza, Barry Obzee, Lawrence Friend, Robert Feelgood, Block & Crown, Michael Murica, Ron Carroll, Rebeka Brown, Daniel Argoud, Beedeep, Yves Eaux, Funk 78, Deebiza, Vigo Qinan, Funky Truckerz, Soul Cartel, Night Safari, Tune Brothers, Solberjum, Matteo DiMarr, Peter Brown, Jay C, Phunk Investigation, Nico Heinz, Max Kuhn, Fabio De Magistris, Tommy Vee, Keller, Bradley James
    RHCOMP1846 | Recovery House | 2015-07-31 | Buy
  • We'll House U! - Tech House & House Edition Vol. 18
    Phunk Investigation, Federico Scavo, Code3000, Chocolate Puma, The Cube Guys, Robbie Taylor, Coqui Selection, Uppercut, Jamie K, 5prite, Lander B, Yves Eaux, Andy Rojas, Scott Mendez, Carl Shawn, Appt.829, Lele Turatti, Troj, Tune Brothers, Paul Jacobson, Gallo, Alaia, Jay Frog, Deko-ze, Muzzaik, Jorge Montia, Rio Dela Duna, DJ Wady, Danila, Andy Rojas, The House Unknown
    CSCOMP913 | Club Session | 2015-07-23 | Buy
  • Tech To House
    DIN Stereo, Dirty Mode, Displeasure, Olivian DJ, Groovetonic, Phunk Investigation, Acrisio & Romagnoli, Tecca, Chris Geka, Del Horno, Doc Brown, Alessio Agazzi, Ruiz Sierra, Darocha, Cole Jonson, Anti-Slam & W.E.A.P.O.N., Yves Eaux, Eddie Amador, Dany Cohiba, Ken Roll, Adrian Scarlett, TekNoize, Hazzaro, Matan Caspi, Roy Lebens, Peter Brown, Tali Freaks, S.U.Z.Y., The YellowHeads, Recycled Beats, Sergio Pardo, Andre Lesu, RanchaTek, Camilo Diaz, Hi Volume, Frank Hurman, Leo Lippolis, Josu Freire, Lex Loofah, Joris Dee, Hitchcock, Jean Aita, Phunk Investigation Remix, Sergio Pardo, Andre Lesu, The YellowHeads, Daniele Petronelli, Worp, Phunk Investigation, Vincent Villani, Kevin G, Deechno, Patrick Hero, Joris Dee
    PHUNK162 | Phunk Traxx | 2015-07-23 | Buy
  • Club Session pres. Club Weapons
    David Penn, Rober Gaez, Return of the Jaded, Marko Nastic, Taster Peter, Eddie Amador, Jeremy Bass, Matteo DiMarr, Dashka, DJ Wady, Yves Eaux, Landmark, Mr Beat, State Unknown, Yas Cepeda, The Adventure, Roberto Lopez, Ricardo Espino, Jonathan Rosa, Stefano Noferini, Lissat & Voltaxx, Dolly Rockers, Ivan Oliva
    CSCOMP912 | Club Session | 2015-07-18 | Buy
  • Open Access, Vol. 13
    Nicolas Masseyeff, David Phillips, Fabo, Namito, Return of the Jaded, Dance 2 Infinity, Juanma Llopis, Kruno Kereta, Luis Pitti, Manni, Dan Baseley, Art Sparks, Andy Pitch, G Furlan, Warse, Robert Feelgood, Farshad Kay, Danny Ocean, Yves Eaux, Giacomo De Falco, DJ Pantelis, Morena, Carloscres, Davide Marchesiello, Massimo Russo, Pr1mo, Enzo Siffredi, Mark Lower, DJ Dag, Luis Bravo, Miss Mee, Mark Jackus
    WASABICOMP229 | Wasabi Recordings | 2015-07-17 | Buy
  • Infectious House Vol. 12
    Franco De Mulero, Alex Laviano, Ivan Kay, Steve Norton, Krokodile Krugel, Andy B. Jones, Tune Brothers, Paul Vinx, USB Players, Luca Debonaire, Techcrasher, Sharapoff, Erick Decks, Phil Daras, Felipe Quero, Patrick Hofmann, Victor Perez, Vicente Ferrer, T. Tommy, DJ Favorite, Niela Rocks, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Oni Sky, DJ Breeze, Louis Botella, Silvio Carrano, Ariano Kina, Monoloop, Paul Vinx, Gallo, Alaia, DJ Dnk, Alex Gray, Marco Bruzzano
    RHCOMP1832 | Recovery House | 2015-07-15 | Buy
  • What A Mess!
    Epikuro, Phunk Investigation, Gotten Gains, Rag-and-bone man, Stellar Project, U.T.F., Walvoline, White Spaces, 53 Hz, Banazonic, Carlo Whale, Jo Lama, Max Freegrant, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Jay Davi, PBM, Danniel Selfmade, Emanuele Millozzi, Claudio Petroni, Hitchcock, Josh Bartoli, Made & Marty, Skinny, Volt, Vintage, Protoxic, Skymate, Radau Deluxe, Ruzhynski, Mice, Puncher, Robert Stahl, Sinteza, Uberto, Anti-Slam & W.E.A.P.O.N., Franx, CTK Freaks, Max Freegrant, Stimpack, Norma, Dualitik
    PHUNK155 | Phunk Traxx | 2015-07-09 | Buy
  • Mission Ibiza 2015
    My Digital Enemy, Adam Twelve, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Josh Love, Benjamin O'Brien, Erick Decks, Luke Db, Wlady, Tune Brothers, David Jones, Tsaho, Mario Chris, Solberjum, ANIELLO, Chunks, I.N.H, Patrick Hofmann, Felix Zuppe, Variavision, Jon Hatter, RAVNI, KICK ME, Delalic & Orffee, APG
    RHCOMP1819 | Recovery House | 2015-07-03 | Buy
  • Monotone Vol. 37 - Tech House Selection
    RC, Luca M, JUST2, The Deephakerz, Made By Pete, Jerome Robins, Max Bett, Egoism, Oscar Aguilera, George Privatti, Guille Placencia, Ellementz, Benjamin O'Brien, Jamie K, Phunk Investigation vs KTP, Unique (CRO), Paperclip Project, Leveg, Gaga, Microslave, Mark Alow, Fabian Argomedo, Dema, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Gianni Firmaio, Drumnox, Hollen, Da Fresh, Heartik
    RTCOMP712 | Recovery House | 2015-06-25 | Buy
  • Global House Sounds - Amsterdam
    Kid Shakers, Jeremy Bass, Return of the Jaded, KillerBeatz, Robert Feelgood, Ron Carroll, R.O.N.N., Emilio Hernandez, Modium, Ariano Kina, Hansol, Angel Stoxx, DJ Wady, Oscar L, Jaques Le Noir, Yves Eaux, John Pc, Yas Cepeda, Lander B, Carl Shawn, Camilo Diaz, John Rivera, Luigi Rocca, Plastik Perversion, Adrian Scarlett, TekNoize
    RHCOMP1796 | Recovery House | 2015-06-24 | Buy
  • Planet House Vol. 29
    Jerome Robins, Gussy, Raul Cremona, Night Safari, Barry Obzee, Lawrence Friend, Code3000, Tune Brothers, Luca Debonaire, Solberjum, Angelo Scalici, Mario Chris, Junior Croff, Future Mouse, Tavo, Matt May, Nick Morena, Ton Don, Cerious, Bradley James, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Rescue
    RHCOMP1806 | Recovery House | 2015-06-20 | Buy
  • Rooftop Series, Vol. 01
    Ron Flatter, Drauf & Dran, Phat Traktor, Olderic, Miguel Ortega, Ernst & Werner, Ben Teufel, Kenny Brian, Gobbetti Pizzini, Nick Maurer, Matthias Korr, Alberto Niri, Harvey Hunzed Productions, Oz Romita, Mike Ivy, Joe DiNardo, Blansch, Marco Marset, Sandrien, Tony Verdi, J. Moles, Viktor Beltikov, Meli K, Miky M, Daniel Gorziza, Dr Mabuze, Khris Rios, Crocy, Luis Pitti, Borodin, Francesco Chianese, Yves Eaux, Ole Biege, Carlo Toma, Junia Ovadose, Sinan Kaya, Rajiv Jay, Pele&Shawnecy, Khristian K
    MI036 | Mood Indigo | 2015-06-17 | Buy
  • Warehouse Anthems: House, Vol. 7
    The AIRA, Zeier, Cristian Matrix, Markus Pfeifer, DevanMist, Roger Bonner, Barry Obzee, Lawrence Friend, Alex Ander, Profundo & Gomes, Mr Fox, Angelo Ferreri, Wattie Green, ALbarnes, Erotic Vagrancy, Kit Mason, Angry Beatz, D-29, Dawid Web, YKON, DJ Kiko, Yves Eaux, Egoclash, Johan S., Patrik R Project, Numatik, Janette Slack, Adsorb, AXL & KO, James Hurr, Sean Rogers
    LWWHAH07 | LW Recordings | 2015-06-16 | Buy
  • #TechYouVeryMuch #ibiza 2015
    Tiger Stripes, Chase Buch, Nick Olivetti, Dosem, Tube & Berger, Beckers, D-Nox, Th;en, GHST, Giacomo De Falco, Juan Ddd, Guille Placencia, Onofrio Conte, I AM....., DosRoss, Roter & Lewis, Paul Strive, Sergio Castilla, Yves Eaux, Folic State, Jazzman Wax, Iban Montoro, Sirius Brown, John 00 Fleming , Rick Pier O'Neil, Ferdas Digital, Ariano Kina, Organic Noise From Ibiza, Digital Project, Mz Sunday Luv, Jonas Saalbach, Andy Pitch, Tiger Stripes, Ozan Kanik, Own.Way, Piemont, Van Czar, Marco Bruzzano, John Blackwood, Aleksandar Grum
    TYVM094 | Tech You Very Much! | 2015-06-12 | Buy
  • Loca House People Volume 18
    Prok & Fitch, Gordon John, Emeskay, Angel Stoxx, DJ Wady, Ivan Pica, Tektonauts, JEB, Awesome 3, Lizzie Curious, eSquire, Yas Cepeda, The Adventure, Denis Drazic, The Royal Pete, Chrono, Hansol, Ascaloon, Chris Groovejey, ORUN, Yves Eaux, Groendahl, Oxy Beat, Zoltan Kontes, Hoxton Whores, Andy Rojas, Mark Jackus
    RHCOMP1788 | Recovery House | 2015-06-06 | Buy
  • House Radio 2015 - The Ultimate Collection
    Tune Brothers, Jolly, DJ Soulstar, Flauschig, Pete Dueckmann, Jenn Cuneta, Frank Lamboy, Steve Norton, Patrik Hupe, Krid P, Daniele Sexxx, Patrick Hofmann, Mario Chris, Kid Massive, Steve Castro, Criminal Vibes, Dave Ramone, Filip Riva, Azzido Da Bass, Jerry Jay, The Disco Boys, Cuebrick, Asino, The Ironix, Nic, Chico Chiquita, Dario Synth, John Dahlback, Albin Myers, Olivera, Dacia Bridges, Chriss Ortega, DJ Favorite, Yves Eaux, House Of Virus, Soliaris, Paradize Groove, Lenny Fontana, Palmez, Gosh, Iwayo, Adam Rickfors, AMinusLex, Joseph Westphal, DJ Junior, Roger Slato, Tom Marchant, Henri Josh, AirDice, The Veterans, Todd Terry, Dario Rodriguez, Sean Finn, USB Players, Funkerman
    RHCOMP1784 | Recovery House | 2015-06-04 | Buy
  • From Tehran to Ibiza, IMS Ibiza Sampler 2015
    Dr. Alfred, Mr Bosco, Henrike, Jorgensen, Ektor Eros, Zenbi, Darko De Jan, John Pc, Yas Cepeda, Farshad Kay, Del Horno, Ricardo Motta, Rub A Dub, Mario Otero, Groove Salvation, Yves Eaux, DJ Christopher, DJ Entwan, RIQ, Chris Santana, Dhyan Droik, Vloon M, Joy Marquez, Chriss Lerman, John Corba, King Raam, Ernest Oh, Javi Del Valle, Ivan Oliva, Sam Farsio, RedDub, Mark Alow, No Hopes, Ricardo Espino, DJ Ferry, Danila, DJ Danila, Yamil, Dennis Cruz, Adoo, Level Groove, Stanny Abram, Mark Jackus, DJ Entwan
    SHBZ087 | Shibiza Recordings | 2015-06-01 | Buy
  • Metropolitan House: Ibiza
    Reza, Barry Obzee, Lawrence Friend, Matt Caseli, Terry Lex, Dario Nunez, Alex Seda, Gloria Ansell, Charlie Roennez, WhiteNoize, Xavi Alfaro, Victor Perez, Vicente Ferrer, Yas Cepeda, D.F.K., Randy Colle, DJ Keanu, Matt Auston, Roberto Stecini, Dimo, Alex Acosta, Yves Eaux, 2Dope, Antoine Cortez, Rick Marshall, Gadom, Melvin Spix, Danilo Secli, Wild & Dann, Coqui Selection, J8Man, Egoclash, Dirty Freek
    PTCOMP537 | Play This! Records | 2015-05-28 | Buy
  • One Night In Berlin Vol. 3
    Markomas, Yas Cepeda, Chris Geka, Ego Valente, Dale Hooks, Scott Mendez, Cele, Stanny Abram, DJ Csemak, Darren C, Yves Eaux, David Olmos, Alan Fraze, Larry Rocca, Kaiq, Marco.B, Lander B, Sack Muller, Jayforce, Noone Costelo
    RHCOMP1779 | Recovery House | 2015-05-25 | Buy
  • House Invaders - Pure House Music Vol. 28
    DJ Wady, Crazibiza, Kevin Andrews, Ron Carroll, Rebeka Brown, Charlie Roennez, Reza, Barry Obzee, Lawrence Friend, Dario Nunez, Gallo, Alaia, Hoxton Whores, Duke, Code3000, Bryan Dalton, Etienne Ozborne, SP1DER, Yves Eaux, Yas Cepeda, Guti Legatto, The Adventure, Matt May, Ivan Kay, DJ PP, Emilio Hernandez, Coqui Selection
    RHCOMP1776 | Recovery House | 2015-05-23 | Buy
  • 10 Essential Sureplayers Vol. 8
    Andres Power, Outcode, Yves Eaux, Egoclash, eSquire, Robert Feelgood, Luca Debonaire, Todd Terry, Chris Montana, Vinylsurfer, Asino, Dario Nunez, Lele Turatti, Egoism, Platinum Monkey, The Peverell Brothers, Roy Mclaren
    CSCOMP866 | Club Session | 2015-05-21 | Buy
  • Cat The Crab / Starstruck
    Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux
    JFR066 | Jungle Funk Recordings | 2015-05-11 | Buy
  • Underground Series Tokyo Part 2
    Tune Brothers, Rio Dela Duna, Fred Pellichero, Chris Garcia, Juanito, Andy Rojas, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Victor Perez, Vicente Ferrer, T. Tommy, Rawtone, Funkemotion, Gary Caos, Luca Garaboni, DJ Rooster, Dario Nunez, Gallo, Alaia, Numa Lesage, A-Tone, Jeremy Bass, D.O.N.S., Dany Cohiba, Canard, DJ Micky Da Funk, Costantino Nappi, Robbie Rivera
    CSCOMP636 | Club Session | 2015-05-06 | Buy
  • Ambassade Ibiza Season Opening Mixed By BK Duke
    BK Duke, Antoine Clamaran, Yves Eaux, Cat Carson, George Cooper, David Bernardi, DJane Thunderpussy, Angelo Scalici, Funk 78, Deebiza, Sergio Matina, Gabry Sangineto, Funkemotion, DJ Gray, Sergio Pardo, Frank Beat, Franco De Mulero, Alex Laviano, DJ Rooster, Various Artists, Marco Santoro, Rio Dela Duna, Nick Tohme
    AB025 | Ambassade Records | 2015-05-02 | Buy
  • Club Session Pres. Club Weapons No. 76
    DJ Wady, Format B, Sack Muller, Ivan Pica, Stefano Noferini, DJ Entwan, RIQ, Oscar Aguilera, George Privatti, Guille Placencia, Fhazee, Ruslan Cross, Yves Eaux, Dots Per Inch, Jayforce, Stanny Abram, Hansol, Pete & The Fox, Groove Salvation, The NightOwls, HumanTraffik, Oliver Rees, Joris Dee
    CSCOMP855 | Club Session | 2015-05-01 | Buy
  • Tech House Selections
    Pedro Aguiar, MUUI, Kaban, Dave Goethals, Beckers, D-Nox, Full Funktion, Minimize, Yves Eaux, Alexey Kotlyar, Maximus Bellini, Shiloh, MonoMode, Seedy Jazz & Eeemus, Ziger, Omni, Tim Points, Doc Brown, The Starfuckerz, Manni, Alex Villanueva, Cj Costigan, Swamp Factory, Ticon, The Soul Elephant, Progress Inn, Lank, Johnson & Menichelli, C-Jay, Digitec, Hamelin, 2up, Bastards Of Funk, Sonic Union, Pete McCarthy, Morttagua, Ziger
    WLDA037 | White Label Recordings | 2015-04-27 | Buy
  • Global House Sounds Volume 28
    David Caballero, Deux, Stuart Ojelay, Andy Rojas, Chris Groovejey, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Jerome Robins, Hazzaro, Nick Fiorucci, Luca Debonaire, Matteo Milioni, Kevin Andrews, Sebastian Trescher, Honeywell, Garry Willis, Rio Dela Duna, Gerald Henderson, Seb Henderson, Matt Auston, Roberto Stecini, DJ Luis Patty, Nev Scott, Angelo Scalici, Alex Seda, Gloria Ansell, Robert Feelgood, Tom Boye, Lucas Reyes
    RHCOMP1753 | Recovery House | 2015-04-23 | Buy
  • The Tech House Conspiracy
    DJ Wady, Silvio Attanasio, Angel Stoxx, Lissat & Voltaxx, DJ Luis Patty, Rucha, Dany Deep, Chris Groovejey, Robe Suarez, Jayforce, Branchie, Jeremy Bass, Erick Le Funk, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Angelo Scalici, Troy Dark, Antonio Malangone, Tom Wax, The Old Skool Generation, Alessio Frino, Sergio Pardo, Carlo Whale, Sam Dungate, Chrono, Hansol, Ascaloon, RC, Dustin Nantais, Jon Tejada
    RHCOMP1744 | Recovery House | 2015-04-21 | Buy
  • This Is Future House, Vol. 2
    Tune Brothers, Paul Bingham, Asino, Extrano, Soma (USA), Andy Rojas, Yves Eaux, Egoclash, Patrik Hupe, Fashion Lioness, Luke Db, Wlady, Jerome Robins, Jorge Montia, Sadowick, The Mankeys, Silvio Carrano, DJ Storm, AM2PM, Daniel Dale, Robert Feelgood, Luca Debonaire, Matush, Priism, Chris Montana, Vinylsurfer, The Mankeys, Schuhmacher, Austin Leeds, Redhead Roman, Code3000
    RHCOMP1748 | Recovery House | 2015-04-21 | Buy
  • Play That Sound - Tech & Progressive House Collection, Vol. 18
    Paul Mendez, Dave Cortex, Lael Bellotti, Melanie Synn, Harnois, Pedro Cazanova, Pic Schmitz, Ruben Amaya, Simon Sparks, Senda, Roferno, ENZY, Wellz, Oliver Lang, Mistol Team, A.F.R, Massimo Russo, Billy Sizemore, Hansol, Ruslan Cross, Yves Eaux, Allex Bridge, CMM, Miguel Alvarez, Alex Roque, Gordon John, DJ Luis Patty, bruno costa, Jericho Ismael, Lewis Delay
    PTCOMP521 | Play This! Records | 2015-04-18 | Buy
  • Tekknology EP, Vol. 2
    Gussy, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Neil Richter, Martin Haber
    JTR006 | Jungle Tekk Recordings | 2015-04-16 | Buy
  • Dub Session Volume 18
    Motel 21, Deux, Yves Eaux, Dave Spritz, Darko De Jan, Stefano Noferini, Charles Ramirez, MC Flipside, Domenico Rovito, Armand Pena, Alex Alicea, Miss Nine, eSquire, Alex Acosta, Muzikfabrik, Monoloop, Emmanuel, Haji, Quivver, Maffa & Cap, Michelle Weeks, Jason Chance, My Digital Enemy, Reza, The Tribes, Mike Newman, Stricted Soul, BK Duke, DJ Favorite, DJ E-Clyps, Belocca, Stefano Noferini, Jerome Robins, DJ Christopher, Dany Cohiba
    RHCOMP1680 | Recovery House | 2015-04-15 | Buy
  • Surviving
    Yves Eaux, Jay Davi, Eddie Amador, Dany Cohiba, Plastik Perversion, Adrian Scarlett, TekNoize
    KOOLKATZ41 | Kool Katz Recordings | 2015-04-13 | Buy
  • Planet House Vol. 28
    David Penn, Roog, Dennis Quin, Matt Caseli, OLIC, Maliblue, Chris Montana, Will Gold, Manuel De La Mare, Michelle Weeks, Jason Chance, Deko-ze, Peter Brown, Marc Vedo, Boy George, Federico Scavo, John Gibbons, Robbie Taylor, Phunk Investigation, Suicide Kings, Adam Reeves, Modaal, Robert Feelgood, Luca Debonaire, Garry Willis, Jerome Robins, Jorge Montia, Sadowick, Yves Eaux, Egoclash, Luke Db, Wlady, Peter Brown, DJ PP, Lissat & Voltaxx, House Of Virus, DJ Dan, Schuhmacher
    RHCOMP1729 | Recovery House | 2015-04-05 | Buy
  • House Addiction, Vol. 23
    Andy Rojas, DJ Rooster, Paradize Groove, Terry Lex, T. Tommy, Jose Diaz, Hysteric Ego, Ton Don, Pegassi, Robert Feelgood, Damier Soul, Genisi, Frequency 88, DJ Zimmo, Phunk Le Chique, Angelo Scalici, Gerald Henderson, Juanito, Jan Vega, Yves Eaux, Edwin Geninatti, Gerard Fortuny, Phil Daras, Fashion Lioness, Egoclash, The Mankeys
    PTCOMP515 | Play This! Records | 2015-04-05 | Buy
  • The Future Of House Vol. 1
    Code3000, Richard F, Magna Flo, Ron Carroll, Robin S, R.O.N.N., David Souza, My Digital Enemy, Criminal Vibes, Tune Brothers, Patrik Hupe, RAVNI, Yves Eaux, Houseguard, Richi Brook, Matt Caseli, Terry Lex, Dirty Guru, Zak Moore, Sasha Inache, House Of Virus, Angel Manuel, Code3000
    CSCOMP841 | Club Session | 2015-04-02 | Buy
  • Monodisco Volume 25
    Cristoph, Sound Process, Format B, Martinique, Return of the Jaded, Vidaloca, Piem, Tobi Kramer, Yves Eaux, Egoclash, Ruzhynski, Victoria Engel, DJ WestBeat, Landmark, DJ Micky Da Funk, Costantino Nappi, Emanuele Inglese, Fabio Ferro, Poze, 53 Hz, Dhyan Droik, Vloon M, Luigi Rocca, Chris Figueroa
    RTCOMP676 | Voltaire Music | 2015-04-02 | Buy
  • Jubel, Trubel & Heiterkeit, Vol. 1
    Monkey Safari, Pleasurekraft, Hanne & Lore, Thalstroem, AKA AKA, Nicone, Umami, David Keno, Olderic, Budzillus, Ivan Kovny, David Phillips, Yannick Calmes, Dompe, Tobi Kramer, Loui Fernandez, Ruslan Cross, Yves Eaux, Da Fresh, Sasch BBC, Caspar, John Acquaviva, Nihil Young, Arts & Leni, Dani Logia, Peter Brown, ANIÈ, Babis Del, Free Bubble, Format:B, Zombie Disco Squad, Alex Tepper, Oliver Koletzki, Frank Goedicke, Sebastian Phillip, Karada, Pedro Mercado, Simon Doty, Remcord, Vamos Art, Fond
    BUZACOMP228 | Budenzauber | 2015-03-27 | Buy
  • House Treatment - Session Twenty One
    Ron Carroll, R.O.N.N., Emilio Hernandez, Jamie Lewis, DJ Pippi, Kim Cooper, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Rio Dela Duna, Gerald Henderson, Seb Henderson, Terry Lex, Quivver, DJ Gray, Sergio Pardo, Frank Beat, Mario Chris, Soma (USA), Al Shaw, Thermo, Leomeo, Bruno Kauffmann, The Peverell Brothers, Kijumba, Maggs Bruchez, Rick Marshall, Antoine Sigaud, Dayne Bulled, Nic&Peter, Pegassi, Steff Da Campo, DaLoops, DJ Mes, Dirty Freek
    PTCOMP512 | Play This! Records | 2015-03-27 | Buy
  • #OnAir #Miami
    Hoxton Whores, Krysten Cummings, Prok & Fitch, DJ Chus, Supernova, Alex Neza, Jesus Nava, Chris Montana, Chris Bekker, Yves Murasca, Axel B., Thomas La Salle, Popmuschi, Lenny Fontana, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Blacktron, Belle, Jochen Simms, Sergio Pardo, Frank Beat, Zenbi, Gallo, Alaia, House Of Virus, SP1DER, Etienne Osborne, Lel'One, Benny Royal, Mike Vale, Yves Murasca, Sick Elektrik, Saeed Younan Remix, Gary Caos, Stereosoulz, Ariano Kina
    ONAIR086 | On Air | 2015-03-20 | Buy
  • House, House And More F..king House Vol. 11
    PhunkUnique, DJ Dan, R.O.N.N. (aka Ron Carroll), Eddie Amador, House Of Virus, Funkemotion, Lucas Reyes, Mehdi Maghraoui, Marc Vedo, Tom Wax, The Old Skool Generation, Code3000, Frank Lamboy, Tsaho, John Jacobsen, G-Martinez, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, JJ Mullor, Dirty Guru, Ricky Tenaglia, Denis Drazic, Phunk Investigation, Dave Rose, Mike Balance, Peter Brown, Jason Xmoon, Acid DJ
    RHCOMP1709 | Recovery House | 2015-03-19 | Buy
  • presents City Life 001 - San Diago
    DJ Micky Da Funk, Costantino Nappi, Oliver Lieb, Kevin Wild, Punk Party, Kelly Sweet, Ivan Robles, Tony Arzadon, Tank, Sydney Blu, Yves Eaux, Nick Fay, Jochem Hamerling, SNR, Remco Geerts, justin time, Chase, Sunlounger, Roger Shah, LTN, Kokai, Federico Scavo, Brian Laruso
    HOUSEFARMDC01 | House Farm | 2015-03-16 | Buy
  • Urban Decay Volume Five
    Chunky Thunderbolt, Kriece, Luke Star, Yves Eaux, LeRon, Stefan Hellstrom, Stefan Hellstrom, Chunky Thunderbolt, Presslaboys
    AR266 | Arabica | 2015-03-12 | Buy
  • We'll House U! - Tech House & House Edition Vol. 16
    Will Gold, Manuel De La Mare, Format B, Angel Stoxx, The Str8jackets, Cele, Sack Muller, Hoxton Whores, Alex Kenji, Vlada Asanin, DJ Christopher, Hansol, Schuhmacher, Hilton Caswell, Nic&Peter, Massimo Russo, Ruslan Cross, Yves Eaux, Vloon M, Skylab, Tribal Maniak, Jowe X, Pleasurekraft, Jaceo, Mike Moorish, Lars Van Dalen
    CSCOMP821 | Club Session | 2015-03-12 | Buy
  • Techy Vibes Vol. 1
    Lars Van Dalen, Hansol, Raul Duran, Monstergetdown, Eddie Amador, Jidax, Lel'One, Sunrose, Mr Jefferson, Peter Crunch, Jair Ydan, Nick Fay, Yves Eaux, Dany Cohiba, Ivan Oliva, Dustin Nantais, Jowe X, Chris Brogan, Little Sand, Briarcliff, Bowline, Rene Del Ray, Nico Provenzano, Cap, Maffa, Dot Comma, Nastech, Divided Souls, Samuri, James Hopkins, Jean Philips, Lutz Markwirth, Ariano Kina, Adrian Scarlett, Bruno Kauffmann, Quivver
    RVMCOMP046A | Re:vibe Music | 2015-03-12 | Buy
  • Trust In House Music Vol. 11
    John Castel, STRuTTER, Eddie Amador, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Modium, Alex Menco, Code3000, Gareth Stirling, Dual Beat, Kevin Andrews, Lissat, Voltaxx, Edwin Geninatti, Laurent Pautrat, MI. K, TFX, Orson Welsh, Robert Feelgood, Rino(IO)DJ, Mob Mob, Paula Pink, Angelo Scalici, Tradelove, Terry Lex, Sean David, Andrey Exx, Hot Hotels, Gary Caos, Sergio Matina, Gabry Sangineto, Luca Debonaire, Black Legend Project
    RHCOMP1705 | Recovery House | 2015-03-10 | Buy
  • Techno Explosive Growing
    Phunk Investigation, Isaac Shake, Mr Average, Logaritmo, Alfonso Forte, Alex MilLenium, Balthazar, Jackrock, CTK Freaks, Anti-Slam & W.E.A.P.O.N., Paul Mendez, Jerique Allan, Aumrec, Christian Fischer, Danniel Selfmade, Emanuele Millozzi, Claudio Petroni, Doped Again, Hazzaro, Stimpack, Norma, Doctor Trash, Danito, Radau Deluxe, MonoMode, Dualitik, M. Fukuda, Joy Marquez, Florian Tyack, Funkbrainer, Full Funktion, Paride Saraceni, Dany T, Pako Parisi, Daniel Greenx, PHM, Timmo, Miniroom, Uberto, Glitter, Tomy DeClerque, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Klinika, Filthy Rich
    PHUNK130 | Phunk Traxx | 2015-03-03 | Buy
  • Deep & Twisted, Vol. 6 (Mixed By Baramuda)
    Marc Vedo, Ant Brooks, DJ Madskillz, Shinedoe, Jay Lumen, Oliver Lieb, Bob Sinclar, Eddie Amador, Todor Ivanov, Overtracked, Benjamin Scott, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, 2000 And One, Jonathan Calvo, Andrea Falsone, Reverso, Audio Noir, Jasmine Clemente, DJ Nativeson, Mikael Delta, Rodrigo Roura, Bsharry, Beatmechanic, Reducs, Lexisound, Lee Ellis, Gathier, Translucent, Stefano Noferini, Baramuda, DJ Boris, Erik Hagleton, Sa.Du, Duce Martinez
    ADSR092 | ADSR Records | 2015-03-03 | Buy
  • Empire State
    Kriece, Luke Star, Yves Eaux, LeRon, Stefan Hellstrom, Mike Montano, Vyronas, Kriece
    INM1329 | Illegal Ninja Moves | 2015-02-27 | Buy
  • Oh My House #12
    Code3000, Eddie Amador, Hoxton Whores, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Erika Amoore, N.Diaz, Criminal Vibes, Joaquin Escalante, Mike Ivy, Joe DiNardo, Kevin Andrews, Robert Feelgood, Luca Debonaire, Frank Lamboy, Paul Jacobson, Zak Moore, Tim Andresen, Asle, Leilani, Soulano, Dany Cohiba, Andrey Exx, Hot Hotels, Benny Royal, Tradelove, Jason Xmoon, Groovemaster K., Freddy Verano, Seal De Green
    RHCOMP1686 | Recovery House | 2015-02-24 | Buy
  • Planet House Vol. 27
    Massive Ditto, Antoine Clamaran, Luca Debonaire, Terry Lex, Sean David, Soheil, Joey Martinez, JoeySuki, Solberjum, John Jacobsen, G-Martinez, RAVNI, Sam Dungate, Shishkin, Paul Vinx, Yves Eaux, Paul Sheep, Aad Mouthaan, Matt Auston, POTD, PhunkUnique, Etienne Ozborne, Gallo, Alaia, Luca Debonaire, Tune Brothers, Matt & Kendo, Dolly Rockers
    RHCOMP1669 | Recovery House | 2015-02-21 | Buy
  • This Is Future House
    Code3000, My Digital Enemy, RAVNI, Yves Eaux, POTD, Gordon John, Kevin Andrews, House Of Virus, Adam Fierce, Matt Caseli, Terry Lex, Robert Feelgood, Luca Debonaire, Joaquin Escalante, Patriots On A Mission, K-Klass, Jaqk, Tune Brothers, Martin Dhamen, Paul Sheep, Aad Mouthaan, Gordon John, Block & Crown, Seal De Green
    RHCOMP1675 | Recovery House | 2015-02-20 | Buy
  • Fortaleza
    Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux
    CIR063 | Check In Recordings | 2015-02-20 | Buy
  • Finest Groovy House Music, Vol. 12
    DJ Dan, Boya Chile, Muzikfabrik, Terry Lex, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Samma Lone, Sergio Matina, Gabry Sangineto, DJ Vartan, Techcrasher, Angelo Scalici, Mikks Tape, D.F.K., David Grant, Funkemotion, Corey Andrew, B.Vivant, Funky Fresh, Morsy, Marcus Gauntlett, Axel Fowley, DJ Manzi, Zweistein, Lucy Hocknell, Thermo, David Jones, Soneec Background, Dany Cohiba, Druk
    PTCOMP496 | Play This! Records | 2015-02-19 | Buy
  • Xcellence of Music - House Edition, Vol. 4
    Tradelove, Robert Feelgood, Luca Debonaire, Graham Gold, Galla, Jamie Lewis, Seb Skalski, Donald Sheffey, IDQ, Chemical Disco, Paralyze Idea, Mario Chris, Mikks Tape, Iesa Mendes, Yves Eaux, Reza, The Tribes, Renoa, Hadrian, Effluence, Les Bijoux, Eddie Amador, Peter Brown, Hoxton Whores, Alex Kenji, Dacia Bridges, Paula P'cay, Daniele Sexxx, AN:RO, Starsound, Richard Earnshaw, Spiritchaser, Squash 84, Rio Dela Duna, David Jones, Andrey Exx, Hot Hotels, Lenny Fontana
    RVMCOMP042A | Re:vibe Music | 2015-02-18 | Buy
  • Smoke Drink Funk
    Yves Eaux, Egoclash
    JFR056 | Jungle Funk Recordings | 2015-02-16 | Buy
  • Loca House People Volume 17
    Matt Caseli, Terry Lex, Paul Sheep, Aad Mouthaan, Raul Cremona, Eddie Amador, Peter Brown, Michelle Weeks, Jason Chance, Victor Perez, Vicente Ferrer, T. Tommy, State Unknown, Boya Chile, Matteo Milioni, Dany Cohiba, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Chris Groovejey, Andres Power, Outcode, Adicted & Wawda, Mitch Major, Paul Jacobson, D.F.K., Lissat & Voltaxx, Juan Diaz, Jorge Montia, Dolly Rockers, David Jones, Level Groove
    RHCOMP1661 | Recovery House | 2015-02-14 | Buy
  • House Addiction, Vol. 22
    DJ Dan, Lookback, Ron Carroll, R.O.N.N., Funkemotion, Da'Silva Gunn, Jolly, Coqui Selection, Luis Mendez, Yves Eaux, Yas Cepeda, The Adventure, Pic Schmitz, Dan Marciano, T. Tommy, J Hernandez, Kerri Louis, Tommy K, Jon Flores, SO07, Vigo Qinan, Groendahl, Maroy, Nairo, Mikks Tape, HouseEssence, Jimmy Slick, Ido, Jeremy Bass, Canard, Egoclash, Mause, Sound Blast Stereo, Reza, G. Thomas
    PTCOMP495 | Play This! Records | 2015-02-14 | Buy
  • Advance! Vol. 12
    Yves Murasca, Axel B., PNFA, Raul Garcia, Ibitaly, Matuya, Eldar Stuff, bruno costa, Luka Sambe, Ant Brooks, Allex Bridge, CMM, Diatonique, Lissat & Voltaxx, Twofalls, Kike Medina, Ruslan Cross, Yves Eaux, Beny Junior, Camilo Diaz, Bowline, Kaiq, Marco.B, Karol XVII & MB Valence, Noe Spesielt, DJ Boris, Alex Marcu, Jon Tejada, Dany Cohiba, Escribano, Autobuss
    RHCOMP1670 | Recovery House | 2015-02-13 | Buy
  • House Treatment - Session Twenty
    Rio Dela Duna, Dan Aslow, PhunkUnique, Mike Newman, Kobretti, Stricted Soul, Siri Umann, Victor Perez, Vicente Ferrer, Bryan Jones, Yves Eaux, The Disco Boys, Cuebrick, R.O.N.N., DJ Mark One, Mark Ferrer, Peter Brown, Nico Heinz, Max Kuhn, Fabio De Magistris, Joan Garcia, Ed Kurno, Matt Moore, Beatmechanic, Zak Moore, DJ Chick, Inusa Dawuda, Marcus Gauntlett, TonySem, Nairo, Laurent Pautrat, DJ Dan, A. LEE, Gerald Henderson, Cristian Exploited, Alan Lockwood, Chris Sammarco, Chris Lawyer, Thomy
    PTCOMP494 | Play This! Records | 2015-02-13 | Buy
  • One Night In Berlin
    Etienne Ozborne, SP1DER, Danila, Yas Cepeda, The Adventure, Nick Fay, Yves Eaux, Lel'One, Leo Falconi, Luis Pitti, Ben Champell, Monococ, Movement6, Bram Troost, Jowe X, Adicted & Wawda, Ego Valente, Oxy Beat, Dennis Cruz, Adrian Scarlett, Camilo Diaz, Tecca, Chris Geka, Belocca, Ariano Kina, Mitch Major, Lewis Delay, Fhaken, Wayne Madiedo
    RHCOMP1668 | Recovery House | 2015-02-10 | Buy
  • Underground Series Beijing
    Eddie Amador, Boya Chile, Victor Perez, Vicente Ferrer, T. Tommy, Lizzie Curious, Rio Dela Duna, JUST2, Antoine Clamaran, Peter Gelderblom, Randy Colle, Andy Rojas, Charlie Spot, D-Rakki, Ruben B.goode, AFM Groove, Yves Eaux, Gerald Henderson, Juanito, AM2PM, Fidel Castro, DJ Koutarou.a, Charlie Roennez, David Bernardi, Luca Debonaire, Andrey Exx, Hot Hotels, David Jones, Agent Orange, Marco Santoro, Gordon John, Code3000, Luca Lento
    CSCOMP657 | Club Session | 2015-02-04 | Buy
  • The Taste Of House Music, Vol. 8
    Soheil, Jaqk, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Niko De Luka, Oscar Diaz, Nathan Lee, Damier Soul, Muzikfabrik, Hegyi Akos, Daniele Sexxx, Martin Dhamen, Tsaho, Code3000, DJ Vartan, Techcrasher, R.O.N.N., DJ Mark One, Michelle Weeks, Jason Chance, Angel Stoxx, Promonova, Victor Perez, Vicente Ferrer, T. Tommy, Angelo Scalici, David Jones, Bolinger, Kenny Ground, Soneec, Lenny Fontana, Mike Newman, Les Bijoux
    RHCOMP1655 | Recovery House | 2015-02-03 | Buy
  • Recoveristics #6
    Jamie Lewis, Daniele Sexxx, Code3000, IDQ, Yves Eaux, Wild & Dann, eSquire, Hoxton Whores, ERaze, Andres Power, Outcode, Soheil, Todd Terry, Him&Hurr, Bolinger
    RHCOMP1647 | Recovery House | 2015-01-30 | Buy
  • Suburban Bass Vol. 2
    Aad Mouthaan, Hoxton Whores, Phunk Investigation, Vlada Asanin, Yas Cepeda, Reza, The Tribes, Suicide Kings, Code3000, Massive Ditto, Wise D & Kobe, Matt Caseli, Terry Lex, Robert Feelgood, Tom Boye, Kisch, Dennis Van Der Geest, Gordon John, Mikel Curcio, Jerome Robins, Erick Decks, Raul Cremona, Damier Soul, Roberto Stecini, Yves Eaux, TonySem, Jason Chance, DJ Dan, Etienne Ozborne, Gordon John
    CSCOMP793 | Club Session | 2015-01-30 | Buy
  • Underground Series Berlin Vol. 2
    White, Tecca, Charles Ramirez, Stan Garac, Tobi Kramer, Dirty Harris, Jaceo, Format B, Ruzhynski, Milos Pesovic, Sack Muller, Sebastian Ledher, Tini Garcia, King & D'Acosta, George Privatti, Guille Placenci, RC, Fabio Ferro, G.O.E.T.Z., TKNO, Nick Fay, Yves Eaux, Wrighty, Imanol Molina, Rio Dela Duna, jUANiTO (aka John Aguilar), Jaceo, Mennie, Alex Denne, Massimo Russo
    CSCOMP791 | Club Session | 2015-01-29 | Buy
  • Full House Volume 31
    Muzzaik, Zaida, Sideburn, Fatman Scoop, Ricky Galliano, eSquire, J8Man, Jeremy Bass, Albert Aponte, Level Groove, Jorge Montia, Damier Soul, Ron Carroll, CeCe Peniston, R.O.N.N., Profe, Raul Cremona, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Jay Frog, Deko-ze, Vlada Asanin, Yas Cepeda, Kevin Andrews, Alex Menco, Robert Feelgood, Aumrec, Color Cuts, The Peverell Brothers, Code3000, Antoine Clamaran, Agua Sin Gas, Tom Boye, Bruckmann, John De Mark, Steve Kid, URH, Jamie Lewis, Baggi Begovic, Kid Shakers
    RHCOMP1639 | Recovery House | 2015-01-23 | Buy
  • Club Session Pres. Club Weapons No. 69
    Hoxton Whores, Duke, Rawtone, Soheil, House Of Virus, Savi Leon, Hazzaro, Rio Dela Duna, Andy Rojas, Robert Feelgood, Luca Debonaire, Ron Carroll, R.O.N.N., Emilio Hernandez, Modium, Lenny Fontana, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Vigo Qinan, DJ Stephen, Damier Soul, Roberto Stecini, Yas Cepeda, Guti Legatto, The Adventure, Tune Brothers, Lucas Reyes, Vigo Qinan, Funkerman
    CSCOMP790 | Club Session | 2015-01-23 | Buy
  • Retrospective
    Gallo, Alaia, Boehm, Brock & Laute, Damier Soul, Fisher & Fiebak, Gary Caos, Block & Crown, Lucas Reyes, Hazzaro, Le Funnk, Lissat & Voltaxx, Luca Debonaire, DeLeau, Marco Vistosi, Marco Molina, Raul Cremona, Savi Leon, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Jay Double U, Nick Fiorucci, Gareth Stirling, Superfunk, Ron Caroll, DJ Vartan, Techcrasher
    TR086 | Tactical Records | 2015-01-23 | Buy
  • Trust In House Music Vol. 10
    Pavel Svetlove, Dina Eve, Dopeburger, DJ Light, Robert Feelgood, Luca Debonaire, David Bernardi, The Shapeshifters, Berri Farley, Savi Leon, Hazzaro, Rio Dela Duna, Terri B!, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Ivan Pica, Jamie Lewis, Mike Newman, Muzikfabrik, Stricted Soul, Matteo Milioni, Hoxton Whores, IDQ, Mikks Tape, Joaquin Escalante, Alyosha Barreiro, Absolut Groovers, Angelo Scalici, Juanito, DJ Christopher, Benny Royal
    RHCOMP1641 | Recovery House | 2015-01-20 | Buy
  • Move On
    Yves Eaux, Mark Jackus
    SHBZ073 | Shibiza Recordings | 2015-01-19 | Buy
  • Ordinary People
    Yves Eaux, Egoclash
    AB013 | Ambassade Records | 2015-01-17 | Buy
  • We'll House U! - Tech House & House Edition Vol. 15
    DJ Dan, Jerome Robins, Zenbi, Maximus Bellini, U-Nick, Maureen, Marko Nastic, Taster Peter, Libex, Marco Alessandria, Gabriel D'Or, Bordoy, Ismael Dewler, Yas Cepeda, Ben Champell, Monococ, Leomeo, Lizzie Curious, Frequency 88, Mario Otero, Ruslan Cross, Yves Eaux, rlx, Steve Darren, Dany Deep, Rub A Dub, Themay, Dennis Cruz, DJ PP, Kevin Andrews, Stefano Noferini, Mario Ochoa, Simon Doty, The Sloppy 5th's, Javi Del Valle, Okabi
    CSCOMP783 | Club Session | 2015-01-15 | Buy
  • Dub Session Volume 17
    AM2PM, Lizzie Curious, Gary Blade, Alex Seda, DMS12, Peter Gelderblom, Randy Colle, Yas Cepeda, Guti Legatto, The Adventure, Marco Tisano, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Fromdroptilldawn, DJ Gleb, DJ Flight, Cincitys Yazz, Bryan Dalton, Marga Sol, Carlo Whale, The Veterans, Gabor Deutsch, Muzzaik, Exacta, Reda Lahlou, Robin Bright, Monoloop, Rony Golding, Phil Fuldner, JJ Romero, Code3000, Belocca, Soneec, Dolly Rockers, Unique (CRO) & Adoo, Bryan Dalton, Beat Kat, URH, Falseface, Rescue
    RHCOMP1602BP | Recovery House | 2015-01-10 | Buy
  • Womanizing Remixes
    Venes, Lacandon, Ruslan Cross, Yves Eaux
    SMR162 | Supermarket | 2015-01-06 | Buy
  • Strictly House - Delicious House Tunes Vol. 23
    Alex Kenji, Lucas & Steve, Charlie Roennez, Erick Decks, Code3000, Jake Dile, Angry Nerdzz, Sam Dungate, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Luca Debonaire, Monoloop, Don Vito, Arturo Silvestre, 86beat, MaxiGroove, Sergio Matina, Gabry Sangineto, Steve Bimbelan, Alberto Herrera!, Shishkin, Will Gold, Tune Brothers, Paul Vinx, Dolly Rockers
    RHCOMP1610 | Recovery House | 2014-12-27 | Buy
  • Best of 2014
    Dario Nunez, My Digital Enemy, Peter Brown, Jay C, Eric Tyrell, Robert Feelgood, Tom Boye, Sergio Gallegos, Maximus Bellini, Fabian Arche, Rude Vinyl, Capitol A, The Str8jackets, Rescue, Jay Vegas, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Bes Ymeri, Carlo Gambino, Paul Klitsie, Made Of Stars, Platinum Monkey, DJ Manzi, Paride Manzi, Virolo, Sergio D'Angelo, L2, Nader Razdar, Xantra, Piro M, Le Shuuk, Croaky, LowKiss, Reda Lahlou, Robin Bright, Ada Official, Max Lean, Avaro, The Riberaz, Misha Kitone, K.S.Y., Leo Arellano, Nyra, Jim Cerrano, Funkin Matt, 3Bird, Mr Black&Blue, Oli Geir, David Heat, Hack N Slash, Mario Chris, Alon Halperin, Vincent Vega, Max Freegrant, Shishkin, Jorge Montia, Deko, Jeremy Bass, Gallo, Alaia, Miller Brothers, Jim Cerrano, Diaz, Luna Moor
    PTCOMP472B | Play This! Records | 2014-12-19 | Buy
  • Best of 2014 - Tech House Edition
    Per QX, Elias Bravo, SpekrFreks, Melleefresh, Billy Newton-Davis, Jerome Robins, MC Flipside, DJ PP, Lucas Reyes, Mehdi Maghraoui, Muzzaik, Mike Newman, Mazai, Fomin, Rio Dela Duna, Gerald Henderson, Coqui Selection, Juan Gimeno, Jonathan Ulysses, Jay C, Oliver Schmitz, Micah Sherman, David Abarca, Jeremy Bass, Funkemotion, Alin Prada, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Tecca, Chris Geka, Belocca, Jerome Robins, Melleefresh, Zoltan Kontes, Pincher, DJ Davydov, Dolly Rockers, Tello, Marc Palacios, DJ Kone, Rio Dela Duna, Andy Rojas, J8Man, Daniel Spencer
    RMCOMP242 | Reflective Music | 2014-12-19 | Buy
  • Trust In House Music Vol. 9
    Jorge Montia, Robert Feelgood, Votzki, Gordon John, Paul Darey, Hannes Bruniic, Andrew Rai, Jay Frog, Florian Arndt, Todd Terry, The Gypsymen, Shishkin, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Corey Andrew, Rio Dela Duna, Julien Lambies, DJ Stephen, Abigail Bailey, Danny Dove, Barry Obzee, Ebbo Riginal, PhunkUnique, DJ Jeroenski, Marcella, My Digital Enemy, Gordon John, Mhek, Copyright
    RHCOMP1591 | Recovery House | 2014-12-13 | Buy
  • Belo Horizonte
    Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux
    VAM285 | Vamos Music | 2014-12-10 | Buy
  • Only House
    Ultimate D, The Unique, GLounge, Chris Jennings, Sarah Jayne Tuson, Zambrano, Maks Lamar, Mark Ganesh, Djpreacher, Martin Bundsen, Trailer, Truck, HP. Hoeger, Henry Fonda, Earth Waves, Nicola Brusegan, Electric OM, Pinar Ates, Shane Effet, Beat Gate, Jonny Calypso, The Jeyenne, Li-Polymer, THE ROYAL 4, Urban Scars, Bias Cut, Steel, Hassan Abou Alam, Ahmet Sendil, Ruslan Cross, Yves Eaux, Ednner Soares, Harun Karabulut, Mclouds, Hemstock & Scott
    RM0191 | Respect Music | 2014-12-05 | Buy
  • It's House - Strictly House Vol. 10
    Peter Gelderblom, Randy Colle, Bob Sinclar, Ron Carroll, CeCe Peniston, R.O.N.N., Modium, House Of Virus, Superfunk, Nic&Peter, Tsaho, Antoine Clamaran, Joey Martinez, Soul Cartel, Barry Obzee, Lawrence Friend, Savi Leon, Lucas Reyes, D.R.N.D.Y, Andy Rojas, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Federico Scavo, Lizzie Curious, Hazzaro, Peter Presta, Funkfresh, Stanny Abram
    RHCOMP1573 | Recovery House | 2014-11-29 | Buy
  • Underground Series Athens
    DJ Nico, Rio Dela Duna, Agent Greg, Argento, Starsound, Tune Brothers, Dacia Bridges, David Penn, Antoine Clamaran, S-Man, Yves Eaux, Angelo Scalici, Sergio Pardo, Optimuss, David Bernardi, Bryan Cox, RanchaTek, Robert Feelgood, Troj, Agua Sin Gas, The Sloppy 5th's, Muzzaik, Derick Banks, The Veterans, Vanilla Ace, Victor Perez, Vicente Ferrer, T. Tommy
    CSCOMP653 | Club Session | 2014-11-26 | Buy
  • Moscow At Night
    Re-Tide, Sande, Johanna Norstrom, Kostia Deep, George Morel, Dario Nunez, David Vio, Yves Eaux, Yan Krow, Afro-Tek, Coqui Selection, Kirill Slider, Joseph Disco, Stereo Palma, The Electro Animals, Chris Tanch, Jemma, Timofey, Terri B!, Bermuda Twins, Tito Torres, Marc Van Linden, Amanda Wilson, Amoda, Dr. Kucho!, DJ Kopernik, Coqui Selection, Dany Cohiba, Kike Bronchal, Armand Pena, Marc Palacios, DJ Kone, DJ Jordan, Thomas Lizzara, DJ Mazai, Nopopstar, Dave Ramone, CJ Stone, Onegin
    10082439 | Connection Digital Recordings | 2014-11-20 | Buy
  • Kicks, Claps & HiHats, Vol. 6
    Radio Slave, Sierra Sam, KiNK, Overnite, Hollis P Monroe, Luke Solomon, Emerson Todd, Andreas Henneberg, PH Neutre, Hagen, Blondee, Tom Wax, Satoshi Fumi, Kenny Brian, Mennie, Ahautzab, Anders Hellberg, Nick Fay, Yves Eaux, Jay Davi, Mr Jefferson, Deejay Will.i, Rob Mello, The Black 80s, Jules & Moss, Vaguesh, Bastien, Tom Wegert, Scott Mendez
    HIFICOMP163 | HiFi Stories | 2014-11-14 | Buy
  • Substance, Vol. 22
    Antoine Clamaran, DJ Gray, Sergio Pardo, Eddie Cuesta, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Xavi Alfaro, JJ Mullor, Rhythmoholia, Nathan Lee, Grayson P, Pippi Ciez, Nick Wolanski, Bryan Dalton, KaiMack, Stanny Abram, The Abysses, M.K.N., Rawdio, Victor Perez, Vicente Ferrer, T. Tommy, Eddie Cuesta, Jordan Baryla, Glovibes, Thierry Tomas
    RMCOMP237 | Reflective Music | 2014-11-14 | Buy
  • Drunter und Druber, Vol. 8 - Groovy Tech House Pleasure!
    Jay Lumen, Ramon Tapia, Kaiserdisco, That Kid Chris, Oliver Tatsch, Eric Kanzler, Chris Hartwig, Arts And Lohr, Andres Blows, Big Bite, Oscar Tivi, Bryan Chave, Edgar Mob, Das Fachpersonal, Andrea Marchesini, Ego Valente, Pepo, Pacho, Ruslan Cross, Yves Eaux, DJ Entwan, RIQ, Fernando Mesa, Toni Ramos, Unfaith, Benja Molina, Konze, Andres Power, Richard Scholtz, Pushee, Dany Cortez, Xhar, Mr Doxx, Sickwave, Arthur Hernan, Pitt Larsen, Sebastian Manuel, Brian Cid, Dompe, Farshad Kay, Vincent
    TRETCOMP218 | Tretmuehle | 2014-11-13 | Buy
  • More Gain
    Yves Eaux
    JFR046 | Jungle Funk Recordings | 2014-11-10 | Buy
  • Mixed Up
    Tecca, Chris Geka, Alex Ranerro, Doc Brown, Del Horno, Juanjo Munoz, Olivian DJ, Groovetonic, Radau Deluxe, Finyl Faze, Hi Volume, Leo Lippolis, Jay C, Nicola Baldacci, Phunk Investigation, Matan Caspi, Roy Lebens, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Jay Davi, RanchaTek, Phunk Investigation, Franx, Del Horno, DJ PP, Taktfast
    PHUNK091 | Phunk Traxx | 2014-11-02 | Buy
  • Faces Of House Vol. 22
    Patrick Hero, Danila, Lutzenkirchen, Franco De Mulero, Alex Laviano, Chris Noble, Armand Pena, Alex Alicea, Miss Nine, LUVLIFE, DJ Wady, Carlos Jimenez, Antoine Clamaran, Peter Brown, Yves Eaux, Block & Crown, Troj, Bryan Dalton, Roger Davids, Wayne Madiedo, Angelo Raguso, Robert Feelgood, Platinium Monkey, Etienne Ozborne, Numa Lesage, Bruckmann, John De Mark, Steve Kid, DJ Gray, Sergio Pardo, Eddie Cuesta, Mikks Tape, Jeremy Bass, Belocca, Peter Brown, Jay C
    RHCOMP1545 | Recovery House | 2014-10-31 | Buy
  • Halloween House Party, Vol. 2
    Andy Rojas, T. Tommy, Yves Eaux, Carlos Waytt, Sudad G, Groove Phenomenon, Jan Vega, Matteo Milioni, eSquire, Max Fabian, Nicky Rich, Danez, Solberjum, Adam M, Luca ETB, David Heat, Hack N Slash, Rock Oz, DJ Quincy Ortiz, Franco De Mulero, Alex Laviano, Chris Noble, Votzki, Maurizio Basilotta, Mike Kelly, Natalie Gauci, OFFBeat
    PTCOMP466 | Play This! Records | 2014-10-31 | Buy
  • Tech House Task Force, Vol. 9
    Coqui Selection, Juan Gimeno, David Abarca, Jeremy Bass, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Lucas Reyes, Mehdi Maghraoui, Dany Deep, Chris Groovejey, Ricardo Espino, Tecca, Chris Geka, Tommy K, RC Noize, Platinum Monkey, Luxury Slacker, Profundo, Chaca, Christiano Pequeno, Chris Robert, Rio Dela Duna, Andy Rojas, Stanny Abram, Simone De Biasio, Frankie Be
    RMCOMP233 | Reflective Music | 2014-10-31 | Buy
  • HALLOWEEN - Scary Tek Beats
    Phunk Investigation, PHNTM, RioTGeaR, Christian Fischer, D-Unity, Full Funktion, Logaritmo, Del Horno, Danito, Radau Deluxe, RanchaTek, The Sloppy 5th's, Phunk Investigation, Tomy DeClerque, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux
    PHUNK101 | Phunk Traxx | 2014-10-28 | Buy
  • Cloudbusting, Vol. 6
    Alfida, Chapeau Claque, GruuvElement's, Lars Wickinger, Telonius, Franksen, D.Diggler, Katrin Fabieu, Fanatico, Inaki Santos, ALDER MAVERICK, Marcel Best, Sven Kerkhoff, So_Na, Nick Fay, Yves Eaux, Satoshi Fumi, Nick & Danny Chatelain, Daniele Vulcano, Javies C. Bassey, Ruben Martinez, Maria Quiros, Chris Colt, Telefunk, Marcos Vilar, Ruben Zurita, Yamil, Macxis Diaz, Hansgod, V-Cious, Minotor, Manu Avila, Capo & Comes, Alex Carbo, Larry Peters, Mike Monday, Dan Curtin, Gianni Ruocco
    SCRAMPCOMP125 | Scrambled Recordings | 2014-10-24 | Buy
  • Global House Sounds Volume 25
    Jay C, Kimmy Baxter, Andy Rojas, Peter Gelderblom, Randy Colle, Adam Fierce, Jerome Robins, Gary Caos, Peter Brown, Antoine Clamaran, Agua Sin Gas, Dolly Rockers, Damien Gray, Skymate, Alex Ranerro, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Jay Davi, Superfunk, Ron Carroll, R.O.N.N., Jamie Lee Wilson, Rio Dela Duna, Reda Lahlou, Robin Bright, Leo Falconi, Gordon John, Thomas Solvert, Klelight, Rafha Madrid, Kid Shakers, Adrian Oblanca, Peter Brown, Etienne Ozborne, Superfunk, Falseface, Juanito
    RHCOMP1537 | Recovery House | 2014-10-22 | Buy
  • Dub Session Volume 16
    Monoloop, Northcutz, Andrew Rai, Muzzaik, Exacta, Dirty Harris, Jaceo, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Danila, Tim Jackman, Jack Notion, Lizzie Curious, DJ Gray, Greg Stainer, Marga Sol, Darko De Jan, Sergio D'Angelo, L2, DMS12, Cincitys Yazz, Lenny Fontana, Phil & Dan, Nothing But Funk, Tom Wax, The Old Skool Generation, John Jacobsen, G-Martinez, Rony Golding, Sanya Shelest, URH, Belocca, DJ PP, Alex Gray, Dolly Rockers, Bryan Dalton, Lenny Fontana
    RHCOMP1533 | Recovery House | 2014-10-18 | Buy
  • True Progressive & House Bangers, Vol. 7
    Solberjum, Ou Es, Wesley Verstegen, Antoine Clamaran, Patrick Hofmann, Paula P'cay, K.S.Y., Big T., Gerald G., Sevag, Roy Phillips, Kobe Bourne, Homeaffairs, HugePumper, Playa Chic, Chris Noble, Grant Gordon, Nick Wolanski, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Neil Page, Steve Toombs, Paul Jacobson, Vicente Belenguer, T. Tommy, Luis Mendez, Greg Mayol, Rawdio, Gerald Henderson, DJ Sign, Vishal Haldankar, Scott Park, Glovibes
    PTCOMP462 | Play This! Records | 2014-10-17 | Buy
  • Amsterdam 2014
    Code3000, Robert Feelgood, Luca Debonaire, Raul Cremona, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, DJ Vartan, Techcrasher, Roberto Surace, Matteo Milioni, T. Tommy, Jose Diaz
    TR078 | Tactical Records | 2014-10-17 | Buy
  • Nu:Skool - The Best in TechHouse, Vol. 9
    Madmotormiquel, Seth Schwarz, GruuvElement's, Norman Zube, Fabricio Pecanha, NDKj, Wollion, Harada, Patrik Carrera, Riccardo Sabatini, Collective Machine, Sergio Fernandez, Sideburn, Mandel Turner, Luca Aniston, Luigi Rocca, Pleasurekraft, The Glitz, Katrin Fabieu, Ruslan Cross, Yves Eaux, Paul Strive, Pele, Shawnecy, David Herrero, Christian Weber, Billuks, Dompe, Paflo, Luca Morris, Danniel Selfmade, Edy C., Juri Paik, Dole & Kom, David Keno, Wehbba, Vidaloca, Piem, Jaymo, Andy George, Pirupa, Danilo Vigorito, Jaceo, Vedic, Groovebox, Philipp Ort
    LEMANSCOMP142 | Le Mans Recordings | 2014-10-16 | Buy
  • Amsterdam Selected By Alaia & Gallo
    Gallo, Alaia, Luca Debonaire, Coqui Selection, Juan Gimeno, Andy Rojas, Ron Carroll, CeCe Peniston, R.O.N.N., Antoine Clamaran, Rio Dela Duna, Tello, Leomeo, Charlie Roennez, DJ Koutarou.a, Dj Sawa, Gonzalo Menoyo, Gerald Henderson, Louis Botella, Lizzie Curious, Frequency 88, Peter Brown, Mazai, Black Legend Project, Kid Shakers, Rafha Madrid, Rhythmoholia, Randy Colle, DJ Keanu, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Jairo Delli, Crespo, Baggi Begovic, Jeremy Bass, Marco Santoro, Rober Gaez, Peter Brown, Superchumbo, The Sloppy 5th's, Hazzaro, DJ Fronter
    VAMSAMP042 | Vamos Music | 2014-10-15 | Buy
  • United Colors Of House Volume 28
    Ron Carroll, CeCe Peniston, R.O.N.N., Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Dirty Secretz, Alex Whisper, Danila, Antoine Clamaran, David Abarca, Jeremy Bass, Andy Rojas, Barry Obzee, Lawrence Friend, Tom Sawyer, Deepdisco, Danny Whyte, Luke Marsh, Gareth Stirling, K & K, Jay Kay, Mark Jackson, Leo Falconi, Criminal Vibes, Troy Dark, Sam Obernik, Tradelove, Robert Feelgood, Troj, Atilla Cetin, The Sloppy 5th's, Rio Dela Duna, Greg Stainer, Will Clark, Pigeon Busters, Funkemotion, Basalto, Gordon John, Alex Sellens, DJ Gray, Groovetonic, Lizzie Curious, Belocca, Jeremy Bass, Ettica, Rhythmic Groove
    RTCOMP502 | Recovery House | 2014-10-08 | Buy
  • Techno Generation
    Yves Eaux
    CIR041 | Check In Recordings | 2014-10-07 | Buy
  • Amsterdam Clubbing 2014
    DJ Wady, Carlos Jimenez, Jaceo, John Acquaviva, DJ Tonio, Angel Stoxx, Mike Vale, Simon Doty, Maximus Bellini, Blunted Dummies, Julien Lambies, John Jacobsen, G-Martinez, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Federico Scavo, Erid, Patrick M, Orli, Da Ragnio, Stadi, Sidney Spaeth, Jeremy Bass, Andrea Roma, Trent Cantrelle, DJ PP, Olivier Giacomotto, Miniking, Ingo Boss
    CSCOMP721 | Club Session | 2014-10-02 | Buy
  • Enjoy House, Vol. 3
    Criss Source, Luca Debonaire, Matteo Milioni, SanFran D!5co, Nick Fiorucci, Tolis Q, Ad Mark, Nudisco, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Platinum Monkey, Ricardo Espino, Eric Montero, Matt Caseli, Terry Lex, Alessandro D'Avenia, Kolombo, Jay Double U, Marco Vistosi, Marco Molina, Presslaboys, Flippers, StereoTalk, Tropical Highlight, Dudu Nahas, Junkie Heads, Alter Breed, Denine, DeLeau
    GAL075 | Galore Music | 2014-09-30 | Buy
  • Futuristic House Vol. 01
    Ron Carroll, Emilio Hernandez, Luca Debonaire, Schuhmacher, Atilla Cetin, Matteo DiMarr, RolandClark, Sam Dungate, Jerome Robins, Block & Crown, Andy Rojas, Lissat, Voltaxx, KillerBeatz, Jem K, Ron Kushty, Troy Dark, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Jonathan Ulysses, Will Gold, Falseface, Jay Frog, Deko-ze, Noel Phoenix, Ted Nilsson, Matteo DiMarr, Dolly Rockers, Hoowell, Lucas Reyes, Lemon3, Falseface, Coqui Selection
    RHCOMP1519 | Recovery House | 2014-09-25 | Buy
  • Tech Cubes, Vol. 8 - Selection of Finest Tech-House Tunes!
    Format:B, Namito, Rainer Weichhold, Saeed Younan, Matt McLarrie, D-Formation, Nick Fay, Yves Eaux, Garry Willis, Miguel Bastida, Florian Kaltstrom, Emiliano Pompili, Charles Ramirez, Ego Valente, Marc Vedo, Cele, Tesla, Alan Wools, Diego Infanzon, Alvaro Conca, Kiko Carrera, Jacopo Ferrari, Egoism, Damon Jee, Seichein, Seb Legrand, Tribal Warriors, Dj Glic, Noel Perez, Dany Cortez, Ricardo Motta, DJ Fronter, Charles Ramirez, Stan Garac, Hollen, Onofrio Conte
    TRETCOMP215 | Tretmuehle | 2014-09-22 | Buy
  • House Addiction, Vol. 19
    Lenny Fontana, Nick Wolanski, Patrick Hofmann, Chris Sammarco, Margie Martino, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Cole Jonson, Leon S, The Crooked Orchestra, Sergio Matina, Gabry Sangineto, Gino Klift, BeatFlashers, Juan Diaz, Dennis Volpe, Johnny Mendez, SteveG.Bartel, Gero, Faarsheed, Sam Dungate, H-Brothers, Christiano Pequeno, Trimtone, Fred Pellichero, Gabriel Slick, Richard Grey, Nick Crittenden, Ross Paterson, Juan Diaz, Oscar Rodrigez, Ricky Inch, Adrien Mezsi, Mehrbod, Darren Correa, Souljackerz
    PTCOMP437 | Play This! Records | 2014-09-18 | Buy
  • Tech House Task Force, Vol. 6
    Jonathan Ulysses, Jay C, Muzzaik, Mike Newman, Mazai, Fomin, Rio Dela Duna, Gerald Henderson, Fabio Bacchini, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Lovetone, Tony Jaguar, P8, Alex Miles, Billy Sizemore, Diego Toro, Sam Pharell, Funk 78, Deebiza, Mario Chris, Alex Cle, Marc Palacios, DJ Kone, Pincher, DJ Davydov, Dolly Rockers, Tello
    RMCOMP201 | Reflective Music | 2014-09-17 | Buy
  • Club Session Rush Hour Volume 4
    Block & Crown, Troj, Phunk Investigation, Matteo DiMarr, RolandClark, Gallo, Alaia, Coqui Selection, Juan Gimeno, Barry Obzee, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Discofiasko, Pagano, David Bernardi, Dany Rodriguez, Cledy West, Sergio Pardo, DJ Simi, Irregular Synth, Dainty Doll, Oliver Lang, JJ Mullor, Fabio Bacchini, Tim Jackman, Jack Notion, Twofalls
    CSCOMP712 | Club Session | 2014-09-12 | Buy
  • Tech-House 2013 100 Tracks
    Pele, Audiosweep, Mano Meter, Theo Schwarz, Dualton, Yohann Grun, Djose Elenko, Cesar Rincon, Gaby F., Larry J, Chemanu, 6pod9, Eric Powa B, Tomasino, Lorenzo Navarro, Der Effekt, W&am, Fresh Breath, Zaber, Sami Wentz, Ondbraio, Filippo Del Moro, DJ Josian, Psycotronico F, Yura Just, Der Thal, Monchhichi Boys, Suite 610, Shadi Megallaa, Worthy, Flash Royal, Mikalogic, Yellow Watch, Duality Project, Michael Otten, Yves Eaux, Tony Kosa, Grimish, Sofa Tunes, Frank Heller, Shootbeat Djs, Drumywere, Alex N., H&H, Kozin, Marc Throw, Konsumgut, Mad Morello, Daniel Helmstedt, Ruslan Cross, Fakke, Bury, Rober Sanchez, Matthias Adler, Pablo Discobar, Jimy Jinx & Eli, Nick Cartez, Dj Newdeal, T. Orlando, Lori J. Ward, Sebastien Jull, Dan Lypher, Maeryn Schenz, MILU, Alex Pinana, Fox Gm, Relty, Saby Davis, Robertiano Filigrano, Purebeat, Daily Disco, Astra Teck, El Torro, Ruben Sanchez, Gekido, Aris Psychas, Luis Pastrelli, Audio Stylist, Christianoshi, Simeone, Bunker, Antonio Spataro, Taylor Inc., Johnes, Marco P, Dean Kenny, Trape, Jssst, Johan Virhia, Gokhan Guneyli, Kevin Lead, Karnyvalis, Nikosh, Djane My Canaria, Killian Bartok, Luca Bariani, Nichtzusammen, Laurent Apffel, Kuzman, N.o.x, Since Then, Nelixus, Wrighty, Ram Way, Edgar Sallent, Carlos Marin, Andreas Seeber, Griphen, R. Double, Alvaro Vela, Rejtek, Mark Salies, Alvaro R, Daily Disco, Binary, Marc Van Linden, Ugroza, Robert Collado, Alex Roque, Marcelo Vak, Nando Scheffer, Vin Vega, dotSTRIPE, Mkdj, Johan Johanson, Kaixta, Boris Ochs, Matt Klick, Okabi, Krugen, Kryn, Saby Davis, Alen Milivojevic, Anthony Penny, Cony, Crisdeluxe, Santiago d'Sv, D-Trax, Wallie, Misha G, Fcode
    10050544 | U-Ground Milano | 2014-09-07 | Buy
  • Underground Series Melbourne
    Robert Feelgood, Tom Boye, Matt Caseli, Keith Thompson, Manil, The Doctor (AUS), Leomeo, Andy Rojas, Danila, Chris Montana, Inaya Day, Ron Carroll, R.O.N.N., Jonathan Ulysses, Juan Kidd, Timmy Trumpet, Rafha Madrid, Louis Botella, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Jay Davi, Bryan Cox, RanchaTek, Charlie Roennez, Sam Dungate, Dany Deep, Chris Groovejey, Rio Dela Duna, Juanito, Rober Gaez, Juan Diaz, Dave Rose, Hosse, Darko De Jan, Dolly Rockers
    CSCOMP647 | Club Session | 2014-09-05 | Buy
  • Spielplatz, Vol. 7 - Playground for Tech-House Music!
    Northern Lite, Sebrok, Zoo Brasil, Marc Miroir, Vangelis Kostoxenakis, Luca Morris, GruuvElement's, Holgi Star, Ben Teufel, Neverdogs, Sasch BBC, Caspar, Klangwelt 3000, Buck, Disorder, Cesare, Polyphone, Rober Gaez, Matthew Codek, Alfonso Padilla, Ruslan Cross, Yves Eaux, Dennis Beutler, Alex Miles, Richard Cleber, Daniell C, Ahautzab, Ed Whitty, Aleksandar Grum, Telefunk, 3Friends, Audio:Punx, Adam Port, Sebrok, Tassilo, Andy Smith, Jonathan Maltaya, Arquette, Markus Wesen
    TRETCOMP211 | Tretmuehle | 2014-09-04 | Buy
    Roberto Aluigi, Mark Helms, Xell, Mr Wox, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux
    PSLMP033 | Patent Skillz | 2014-08-29 | Buy
  • Re:Formation, Vol. 14 - Tech House Selection
    Graeme Lloyd, Lizzie Curious, Jonathan Ulysses, Jay C, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Rosie Romero, JunkDNA, Ben Malone, Luis Armando, Numa Lesage, DJ Atonne, A.F.R, Guillaume Careira, Cristian Martin, Maurizio Basilotta, Q-Co, Jhonny Fernando, Luxury Slacker, Mario Chris, Diva, Ivan Deyanov, Mark Mansion, Dan Rubell, Hannes Bruniic, Da Fresh, Electric Bastards, Weekend Heroes
    RMCOMP219 | Reflective Music | 2014-08-29 | Buy
  • Tech Zero Extreme - Vol 9
    Thorsten Hammer, Androide, Stephan Crown, Bilber, Sergio Muniain, Josema Rox, Jon Maes, Yves Eaux, Andy Pitch, Phil Fairhead, Ben Muetsch, Big Lorenz, Simoha', Dj Antonius, Los Teques, Marfel, Giorgio Effe, Sebastian Wojkowski, Pomodoro, Gerard Garcia, Scott Mendez, Daze Foxx
    MIZL013 | Minimum Zax LTD | 2014-08-28 | Buy
  • Madda Fact
    Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Jay Davi, Taktfast
    PHUNK078 | Phunk Traxx | 2014-08-25 | Buy
  • Ibiza 2014
    AFRIAT, Tom Sawyer, Troy Dark, David Bernardi, Gordon John, DJ Gray, Sergio Pardo, Eddie Cuesta, Barry Obzee, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux
    JFRCOMP009 | Jungle Funk Recordings | 2014-08-25 | Buy
  • IBIZA Las Armas 2014
    Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Coqui Selection, Juan Gimeno, Matteo Milioni, Dany Cohiba, Chris Geka, Gareth Stirling, Ricardo Espino, Eric Montero
    TR074 | Tactical Records | 2014-08-22 | Buy
  • Monotone Vol. 29 - Tech House Selection
    Jonathan Rosa, Pascal Dolle, Martin Broszeit, Dirty Bits, Nana K., Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, DJ Simi, Irregular Synth, John De Mark, Steve Kid, Dany Cohiba, A.F.R, Richarte, Dany Deep, Chris Groovejey, Ricardo Espino, DJ Ferry, Arthur Hernan, John Quina, Muzzaik, Giorgio Brindesi, Tapia Beat, Oliver Knight, Hugo Jones, Pigeon Busters, Dirty Harris, Cledy West, Sergio Pardo, Charlie Spot, Dub Tiger, Optimuss, Hilton Caswell, Sam Dungate, Mike Kelly, Voltaxx, Coqui Selection, Juan Gimeno, Chris Minus, Chu_5, Jayforce, Platinum Monkey, Manuel Figara, Dan Starie, Nopopstar, Lui Maldonado, Jeremy Bass, Alexander Zabbi, Paul Rodner, Marc Macrowland, Robbie Taylor, Wayne Madiedo, Dolly Rockers
    RHCOMP1478 | Recovery House | 2014-08-20 | Buy
  • Connection Ibiza, Vol. 1
    Spaceanddisco, Funky Flo, Kostia Deep, Yves Eaux, DJ Mazai, The Electro Animals, Alextim Project, Cruella Jeune, Agent Smith, DJ Romanov, Varda, Mechanic..., Ugroza, Techcrasher, Antony Grant, Sister Jane, Alexey Exciter
    10078279 | Connection Digital Recordings | 2014-08-17 | Buy
  • Reflect:House, Vol. 27
    Andrew Rai, Rude Vinyl, Andreas What, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Adam Fryer, Charlie Roennez, D' Luxe, Leon S, The Crooked Orchestra, Dale Hooks, Ubblahkan, Frederick Fringe, Matt Slater, Protek, Volkan Saki, Audioleptika, HouseKeepers, Christiano Pequeno, DJ Gray, MMAIO, Shishkin, Chris Gallo, Tonic Tunes, Photon Soup, Sean Norvis
    RMCOMP213 | Reflective Music | 2014-08-08 | Buy
  • Fruity Beach Club, Vol. 2
    Jason Chance, Nick Fay, Yves Eaux, Jay Davi, Chris Montana & Chris Bekker, Jerome Robins, Deko-ze, Peter Brown, Jorge Montia, Martin Villeneuve, A.C.K., Mr. Norberto, Alejandro Palazon, Xell, Damien J. Carter, Zhana, Matt Devereaux, Michael Maze, Brock & Laute, Sanya Shelest, Alexey Partisan, R.O.N.N., DJ Mark One, Lucas Reyes, Michael Murica, Pat Farrell, BK Duke, DJ Favorite, Toni Maravillas, Mike Syntec, Mr. Vasovski, FakeOb, Kos The Greek, Match 4, Richie Santana, Mauro Mondello, Beauriche, Noah Furreal, Djeem, Mikel Curcio, JamLimmat, DJ Eako, Robert Livesu, Rob Mirage, Glender, Ted Ganung, Ggoodei, Steve Mulder, The Bunglers, Jason Rivas, Instrumenjackin, Domscott, Rise Ashen, Tamima Brasil, Martin Villeneuve, Etienne Ozborne, SKJG Project, Andrew Rai, Chris Sammarco, Lissat & Voltaxx, DJ Dnk, Dragmatic, Deep Josh, Gilbert Le Funk
    ONAIR065 | On Air | 2014-07-31 | Buy
  • Phuture Sound Of House Music Vol. 20
    Block & Crown, Lissat, Voltaxx, Pablo Reyes, Marco Molina, Marco Vistos, Sonny Wharton, Jason Chance, Luthier, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Gabriel, Castellon, Jesse Garcia, Dario Nunez, Jeff Flohr, Barry Obzee, Oscar Cano, Jorge Montia, Efren Casanova, Ted Nilsson, Dale Hooks, Ubblahkan, Frederick Fringe, Frater & Stent, Loic Penillo, Matthias Ka, Master & Servant, Tenacious, Danila
    RHCOMP1426 | Recovery House | 2014-07-22 | Buy
  • Dedication to House Music
    Pablo Reyes, Sudad G, Eduardo Tristao, Mike Ivy, Nimo Iero, Fred Pellichero, Chris Garcia, Vigo Qinan, The Peverell Brothers, DJ McKoy, Elizabeth Jay, Nopopstar, Jon Flores, T. Tommy, Juan Gimeno, Andy Rojas, Inaya Day, Ron Carroll, R.O.N.N., Black Legend Project, Chris Sammarco, Antoine Cortez, Funkemotion, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Jay Davi, Antoine Clamaran, Dale Hooks, Ubblahkan, Frederick Fringe, Canard, Jay Frog, Deko-ze, Darko De Jan, Hosse, Mike Newman, Antoine Cortez, Matt Moore, Studio Tan
    RVMCOMP014A | Re:vibe Music | 2014-07-19 | Buy
  • On Air Beach Party (Special House Music Sampler)
    Peter Gelderblom, Subcquence, Miguel Picasso, Ivan Pica, Horny United, Ron Carroll, Lenny Fontana, Dee Wiz, Universal Sounds Band, Chris Montana & Chris Bekker, Dave Kurtis, Daniel Harrison, Deko-ze, Edgar Uroz, The Groove Foundation, Isabel, Robbie Miraux, A.C.K., Mr. Norberto, Reza, Pagano, Dluiset, Giorgio Brindesi, Tapia Beat, Pagany, Roby Arduini, Francesca Faggella, Frank Lamboy, Jerome Lefebvre, Harun Erkezen, Rio Dela Duna, Block & Crown, Salvo G, Shena, Nico Heinz, Max Kuhn, Fabio De Magistris, Jamie Anderson, The Electro Animals, Pola Green, Javier Gonzalez, Dr. Alfred, Henrike, Nick Fay, Yves Eaux, Jay Davi, Andy Silva, Funky Fresh, Karada, Pedro Mercado, Rene Amesz, Mart, Leo Arellano, DJ PP, Rio Dela Duna, Gerald Henderson, DJ Chus, Robbie Miraux, Manuel De La Mare, Hoxton Whores, Jerome Robins, Lucas Reyes, Paulo Tella, Inaky Garcia, Lemon3, Ives La Funk
    ONAIR063 | On Air | 2014-07-17 | Buy
    Phunk Investigation, Baramuda, Cole Jonson, Deko-ze, Recycled Beats, Radau Deluxe, Jay C, Nicola Baldacci, Slackers Project, Anti-Slam & W.E.A.P.O.N., Taktfast, Matan Caspi, Roy Lebens, The Sloppy 5th's, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Jay Davi, Vincent Villani, Kevin G, Franx, Phunk Investigation
    PHUNK070 | Phunk Traxx | 2014-07-14 | Buy
  • Underground Series Dubai
    Darko De Jan, Rio Dela Duna, Roberto Mermand, Troj, Rod Debyser, Math Delekian, Dario Nunez, Victor Perez, Vicente Ferrer, Charlie Roennez, Andy Rojas, Polina, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Jay Davi, Danila, Ron Carroll, Max C, R.O.N.N., Serbsican, Dave Spritz, Branchie, Jeremy Bass, Gerald Henderson & Rio Dela Duna, David Abarca, Sonny Wharton, DJ Soulstar
    CSCOMP665 | Club Session | 2014-07-11 | Buy
  • Mixtape London
    My Digital Enemy, Monoloop, @IT, Antoine Cortez, D' Luxe, Frank Lamboy, Jerome Robins, Block & Crown, DJ McKoy, Jozsef Keller, Tune Brothers, Dacia Bridges, Modium, B.Vivant, Rescue, Jay Vegas, Oganes, Deep Fish, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Jay Davi, Funkemotion, Antoine Clamaran, Belocca, Canard, Undercontrol, Blaxx, DBN, Laurent Simeca, Mike Newman, Antoine Cortez, Topspin, Dmit Kitz
    RHCOMP1399 | Recovery House | 2014-07-04 | Buy
  • Club Session Tech House Edition Volume 9
    Daniele Mannoia, Mike Newman, Mazai, Fomin, Jayforce, KillerBeatz, Lars Van Dalen, Muzzaik, Oliver Schmitz, Micah Sherman, P8, Das Orlando, Billy Sizemore, Deko-ze, Ruell, Gary Willis, Robbie Taylor, Secret Project, John De Mark, Steve Kid, Dany Cohiba, Mike Ivy, Ted The Dillinger, Sebastian Tourt, Lexx Groove, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Ezequiel Asencio, Jon Flores, Fran Guzman, Pincher, DJ Davydov, Muzikjunki, DJ Fronter
    CSCOMP640 | Club Session | 2014-07-03 | Buy
  • Ibiza House Summer Sounds
    Yves Eaux, Stephan Bazbaz, Kobb, Ticon, Lustral, Beat Factory, Beckers, D-Nox, Pedro Aguiar, Zack Roth, Ad Brown, Full Funktion, Patrik Carrera, Enrico Sangiuliano, Matthew Freedz, One Million Toys, Ange, Minimize, Robert Mint, Luke Chable, Danny Bonnici, Shiloh, Lank, Beat Syndrome, Darko De Jan, Makau & Kagl, Innate, Ben Coda, Matan Caspi, Phunk Investigation, Filth & Splendour, Greed feat Lesley, DaSmokinFrogz, Alex Villanueva, MUUI, Nevee, Terje Saether, Sebrof & Sterbai, Nicholas Van Orton, Luciano Lima, Mehmet Akar, Funkagenda, Andre Sobata, Bambook, Netzell, Weekend Heroes, Lank, Claudio Ponticelli, Aji Mon Nair, One Million Toys, Pedro Aguiar, Cristian Poow, Moosfiebr, Funny Ox, Hamelin, 2up, Jerome Robins, David Granha, Matan Caspi, Khainz, PRT Stacho, TR20
    WLDA027 | White Label Recordings | 2014-06-30 | Buy
  • Substantial House Vol. 7
    Lissat & Voltaxx, Block & Crown, Gordon John, Muzzaik, Leomeo, Submission DJ, KPD, Andy Rojas, Mause, Makree, Lucas Reyes, Romain Biancotti, Monoloop, Tuccillo, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, JJ Mullor, Lexvaz, Ted Nilsson, Peter Brown, Dale Hooks, Ubblahkan, Frederick Fringe, Dashka, Christiano Pequeno, Tenacious, Mike Newman, Antoine Cortez, Mike Robia, Leo Z, Guz Zanotto, Michael Murica, John Jacobsen, Anzwer, Matt Moore, Studio Tan
    CSCOMP641 | Club Session | 2014-06-27 | Buy
  • Metropolitan House: Sao Paulo
    Francesco Gomez, T. Tommy, Funkemotion, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Dario Nunez, Javi Colin, Supertons, Matt Slater, Sums, Jay Valentine, Richard Grey, Jay Lima, Jackstraw, Miguel Alcobia, Stanny Abram, Shark, Sylvain, Steve Aguirre, Juantrack, Wild & Dann, Danny Whyte, Fonetica, Muchachos, Christiano Pequeno, Andy Rojas, Funky Ro, F. Hereno, RanchaTek, Nacho Marco, Ettica
    PTCOMP392 | Play This! Records | 2014-06-26 | Buy
  • Tech On the Beach, Vol. 3
    Rantan, George Privatti, Robot Needs Oil, DJ Amrith, Nick Fay, Yves Eaux, Jay Davi, Luca Pirazzi, DJ Fist, Rio Dela Duna, Promonova, Jesty Beatz, Howld, Markus Gonzales, Sheldon Romero, Marco Maniera, Javier Orduna, Sweetohm, Urgroza Project, Don Ruijgrok, Bias, Alex Gomez, DonTom, Spikee, Paulo Tella, Dualton, Julio Montes, Luis Fontalvo, Andres Florez, AFM Groove, Ego Valente, Apple Juice, Sean Place, Sebastian Ledher & Ricardo Espino, Raul Duran, Fernando Mesa, Dani Carrera, Richie Santana, Peter Bailey, Masstek, Eric Montero, Oz Romita, Sound Diffusion, Beatchuggers, Hook, Scott Mendez, Mario Ochoa, Skla, Mario da Ragnio, Dubface, Brothers Vibe, Raul Mezcolanza, Carlos Fauvrelle, Eugene Canellas
    TYVM059 | Tech You Very Much! | 2014-06-19 | Buy
  • Stereonized - Tech House Selection Vol. 20
    Juan Diaz (HN), Max Tresher, Timonin, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Ricardo Espino, DJ Ferry, David Herrera, Arthur Ferrèyra, David Abarca, Charlie Roennez, Robbie Taylor, Gary Caos, Block & Crown, Daniele Mannoia, Pepper MaShay, Funkemotion, Jon Flores, Marco Molina, Marco Vistos, Andy Rojas, Mike Ivy, Ted The Dillinger, Sergio Pardo, Pablo D'Rey, Lewis Delay, RC, Quantizers, Jeff Retro, Cynical Dogs, Luca Debonaire, Level Groove, D.F.K., Inis, Das Orlando, Variavision, Anton Madera, Morsy, Sante Sansone, Ivan Pica, Newmanhere, Stanny Abram, Jorge Montia, Muzzaik, Andy Rojas, Pablo D'Rey, Nexus DJ, Mr. Deka
    RHCOMP1384 | Recovery House | 2014-06-18 | Buy
  • Yes, It's A Housesession - Volume 15
    Inaya Day, Ron Carroll, R.O.N.N., Nana K., Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Tune Brothers, Dacia Bridges, Cole Jonson, Dolly Rockers, D.O.N.S., Dany Cohiba, Francesco Gomez, David Abarca, JJ Mullor, Danila, Charlie Roennez, D.F.K., Inis, Valentino Weethar, Funkemotion, Modium, Gary Willis, Broz Rodriguez, Ton Don, Colmo, Dmitri Hedinger, Hosse, The Veterans, Tom Parris, Stanny Abram, Juan Diaz, Jorge Montia, Matto
    RHCOMP1386 | Housesession Records | 2014-06-18 | Buy
  • Dub Session Volume 15
    Donnwell, Peter Gelderblom, Subcquence, Andrew Rai, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Mike Ivy, Ted The Dillinger, Mixline, Ives La Funk, Tom Wax, The Old Skool Generation, DJ Soulstar, Mike Newman, Carlos Pulido, Lopezhouse, David Bernardi, Stedman, Funk 78, Deebiza, K. & Saly, Marco Sapiens, Sergio D'Angelo, L2, Tim Jackman, Jack Notion, Bryan Dalton, Stefan Vilijn, MC Dirty B, Soneec, Christian Hornbostel, Mike Newman, Sanya Shelest, Midnight Society, Belocca, Jorge Montia, Groovemaster K., Salomon B., Marco Sapiens, Alex Gray, Maroy
    RHCOMP1387 | Recovery House | 2014-06-16 | Buy
  • Black Hole presents Brazil 2014
    Yves Eaux, David Jones, Wender, Eighty, Il Santo, Roland Clark, Zoo Brazil, Robbie Rivera, Ad Brown, Steve Kaetzel, Arielle Maren, Sied Van Riel, Chris Jones, Bobina, Ali Wilson, Roger Shah, Blake Jarrell, Madelin Zero, Klauss Goulart, Tiddey, Cold Blue, JES, Dennis Sheperd, Bissen, Victor Dinaire, Sean Tyas, Andrea Mazza, Hysteria!, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Shannon Hurley, Audiocells, Julie Thompson, Zachary Zamarripa, George Acosta, Miss Palmer, Baggi Begovic, Team Bastian, Art Inc., Roberto Gonzalez, Quentin Mosimann, Knitefall, Tiger Stripes, Manufactured Superstars, Radion6, Heatbeat, Exodus, Tom Enzy
    BHDC2431 | Black Hole Recordings | 2014-06-16 | Buy
  • Ibiza - Presented By Lizzie Curious
    Lizzie Curious, Frequency 88, Lady Lago, Slideback, Charles, Randy Colle, Saxy Mr. S, Pagano, Kid Shakers, Rafha Madrid, Raffael De Luca, D.F.K., Antoine Clamaran, Agua Sin Gas, Chris Montana, Andy Rojas, Ismael Dewler, Yas Cepeda, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Alvaro Wade, Hazzaro, Ron Carroll, R.O.N.N., Emilio Hernandez, The Sloppy 5th's, Leomeo, Peter Gelderblom, Hazzaro, Dave Rose, Mike Newman, Antoine Cortez, Mike Robia
    VAMSAMP039 | Vamos Music | 2014-06-12 | Buy
  • Substantial House Vol. 6
    My Digital Enemy, Barry Obzee, Leomeo, Gramophonedzie, Will Gold, Reworked Robot, Variavision, DJ Danila, Dolly Rockers, Reda Lahlou, Robin Bright, Jerome Robins, Block & Crown, MC Flipside, DJ PP, Chris Montana, Frater & Stent, Jon Flores, Marco Molina, Marco Vistos, Michael Grand, Tsaho, Phil & Dan, Antoine Clamaran, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Jay Davi, Baseek, House Hustler, Xavi Alfaro, Cristobal Chaves, Mark Masters, Funky Truckerz, Mike Newman, Lissat & Voltaxx, House Of Virus, Belocca, Falseface, NDKj, Dave Rose, Monte, Xavi Alfaro
    CSCOMP519 | Club Session | 2014-06-06 | Buy
  • Loco IBZ
    Lissat, Voltaxx, My Digital Enemy, KillerBeatz, Peter Brown, Jay C, Jorge Montia, Robbie Taylor, D.O.N.S., Dany Cohiba, Schuhmacher, Andy Rojas, Hoxton Whores, Melleefresh, Troj, Matt Caseli, Keith Thompson, Manil, The Doctor (AUS), DJ Jeroenski, Coqui Selection, Luis Mendez, Kid Shakers, Ron Carroll, R.O.N.N., Hazzaro, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Hoowell, Crazibiza, Alex Kenji, OLIC, Pagano, Lauer & Canard, Branchie, Jeremy Bass
    RHCOMP1375 | Recovery House | 2014-06-05 | Buy
  • Musique Electronique Part Dix
    Mike Newman, Mazai, Fomin, Gary Willis, Deko-ze, Ruell, Nader Razdar, Jerome Robins, Paolo Mojo, Stefano Noferini, Blaxx, Raul Duran, Martin Villeneuve, Les Schmitz, David Lara, Luca Lento, Criss Source, Da Fresh, Ant Brooks, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Alberto Tolo, Groovebox, Tyler Hampton, Jerome Robins
    RHCOMP1366 | Recovery House | 2014-05-31 | Buy
  • We Call It House Vol. 16 - Sunset Session
    Volta, Trav, MKNA, Bob & Luke, Cocodrills, Eddie M, Biatlone, Going Deeper, Mark Stacey, Antoine Clamaran, Andy Rojas, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Pepper MaShay, Funkemotion, Schuhmacher, DJ Wady, Carlos Jimenez, Pleasurekraft, Format B, John De Mark, Steve Kid, Dany Cohiba, David Abarca, Danny Quattro, Grant Nalder, Dirty Harris, Jaceo, ThreeSixty, Alex Denne, Lui Maldonado, Tony Dee, Rober Gaez, Matthew Codek, Zenbi, Juan Ddd, DJ Smilk, Tobi Kramer, Deko-ze, Ruell, Leomeo, Troj, Nhan Solo, Teenage Mutants, Paolo Mojo, Zenbi, Amine Edge & Dance, Mike Newman, Antoine Cortez, Andy Rojas, Lui Maldonado, Jaceo, Seve, Avermass, Superjunk, Maverickz, Lissat & Voltaxx
    RHCOMP1367 | Recovery House | 2014-05-28 | Buy
  • Club Session Tech House Edition Volume 8
    Block & Crown, Alex Miles, Tenacious, Andy Rojas, Mike Newman, Mazai, Fomin, Funkemotion, Jerome Robins, MC Flipside, DJ PP, DJ Chus, Matthew Codek, Jowe X, Eddie Amador, Lucas Reyes, Lemon3, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Jay Davi, Per QX, Elias Bravo, ThreeSixty, Danny Quattro, Grant Nalder, Jonathan Ulysses, Jay C, SpekrFreks, Melleefresh, Billy Newton-Davis, Electric Bastards, Mark Starr, J8Man, Will Clarke, JunkDNA, Dany Cohiba, Seve, Marc Palacios, DJ Kone, Jerome Robins, Melleefresh, Zoltan Kontes
    CSCOMP508 | Club Session | 2014-05-27 | Buy
  • Modernize House, Vol. 18
    Hazzaro, Criminal Vibes, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Argento, Starsound, Lucas Reyes, Michael Murica, Funkemotion, Mazai, Dolly Rockers, Eric Costa, Cole Jonson, Dashka, Shane Kehoe, Rio Dela Duna, Gerald Henderson, Sandoval, Danny Wild, Jeff Cortez, Danila, Peter Brown, Sonny Wharton
    RMCOMP191 | Reflective Music | 2014-05-27 | Buy
  • Club Session Pres. Club Weapons No. 54
    Moltosugo (aka Tommy Vee & Keller), Jerome Robins, MC Flipside, DJ PP, Will Gold, Leomeo, Danila, Deko-ze, Mazai, Dolly Rockers, Peter Brown, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Jay Davi, DJ Soulstar, Eddie Amador, Dany Cohiba, Rio Dela Duna, Gerald Henderson, Lucas Reyes, Romain Biancotti, Fred Pellichero, Chris Garcia, Matteo Esse, Sant, Manuel De La Mare, NDKj, Lissat & Voltaxx, Juan Diaz, Martin Villeneuve, Cristian Poow, Matt Caseli, The Doctor, Manil, Robbie Riviera
    CSCOMP503 | Club Session | 2014-05-23 | Buy
  • Born In The Underground / Rehab
    Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux
    VAM230 | Vamos Music | 2014-05-21 | Buy
  • Substance, Vol. 17
    Criminal Vibes, Mazai, Dolly Rockers, Lucas Reyes, Michael Murica, Funkemotion, Hazzaro, Eric Costa, Dashka, Shane Kehoe, Argento, Starsound, Rio Dela Duna, Gerald Henderson, Sandoval, Danny Wild, Jeff Cortez, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Cole Jonson, Danila, Peter Brown, Sonny Wharton
    RMCOMP187 | Reflective Music | 2014-05-20 | Buy
  • Rocking Down The House - Electrified House Tunes Vol. 19
    Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Jay Davi, Andy Rojas, Danny Quattro, Grant Nalder, Rober Gaez, Matthew Codek, Haus&Hof, Cole Jonson, Dolly Rockers, Leomeo, Kid Shakers, Sergio Pardo, Pablo D'Rey, Lewis Delay, Marco Tisano, John Pc, Yas Cepeda, DJ Manzi, Paride Manzi, Hacker, Gariy, Tenacious, Paul Darey, Hannes Bruniic, Secret Project, Alex Denne, Lui Maldonado, Danila, Valentino Weethar, Gerard Fortuny, Phil Daras, Darko De Jan, Lissat & Voltaxx, Raul Mezcolanza, Alex Roque, Lucio Spain, Juan Diaz
    RHCOMP1358 | Recovery House | 2014-05-16 | Buy
    Ego Valente, Kohra, SHFT, Oxy Beat, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux
    PSLMP023 | Patent Skillz | 2014-05-16 | Buy
  • Re:Formation, Vol. 11 - Tech House Selection
    Anti-Slam & W.E.A.P.O.N., Block & Crown, Jerome Robins, MC Flipside, DJ PP, Andy Rojas, Tyler Hampton, Melvin Spix, Yves Eaux, Jowe X, Tim Jackman, Jack Notion, Coqui Selection, Rio Dela Duna, Gerald Henderson, Mark Starr, Danny Quattro, Grant Nalder, Dustin Nantais, Slider N Turner, Juan Diazo, Fhaken, Skymate, JDS, Kenny Ground, Tello, Jonathan Rosa
    RMCOMP189 | Reflective Music | 2014-05-16 | Buy
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